The Best 5 Cuts To Make Your Burger Delicious
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The Best 5 Cuts To Make Your Burger Delicious

burger cut

The Best 5 Cuts To Make Your Burger Delicious

Cooking is a therapeutic process and if you love making things from the scratch, then juicy and delicious homemade burgers might just be your thing. But, which is the best recipe? Which meat cut is perfect for a delectable homemade burger? Well, fret not! All your questions will be answered right here.

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Why You Must Grind Your Burger Meat?

The top reasons to grind your burger meat are;

  • Inexpensive: When you grind your own meat, you save a substantial sum when compared to what it costs at a supermarket. Hence, you can always buy your favorite cuts, especially when they are on sale and grind them at home.
  • Healthy: Generally, the store-bought meats have chemicals in them, such as nitrogen to ensure the meat looks red and fresh. Also, you don’t know if the ground meat has come from an unsanitary location. Therefore, it is healthier to do it at home.
  • Fresh: When you grind it at home, you cook it the same day, which makes it fresh. And, fresh food always tastes better.


Cuts That Make Your Burger Delicious


Chuck Cut

Chuck cut is the classic burger cut. It’s not too expensive and comes from the shoulder area of a cow. Since most of the burgers are made of chuck meat, this is definitely a safe option. With a melt-in-your-mouth kind of flavour, its meat-to-fat-ratio is also simply perfect. For juicy and delicious goodness, you can never go wrong with the chuck cut.


Sirloin Cut

This area is located at the back and leads to complicated cuts. Top sirloin is a premium cut and elevates the flavour and the beefiness in your burger. Also, if you are health conscious, this is the perfect cut as its meat-to-fat ratio is 90/10.


brisketBrisket Cut

This cut comes from the chest area of the cow. It is not too pricey and when you make use of a brisket cut, you can roast, braise or boil it. Brisket has a unique flavour and since its fat content is high, its perfect for meat and potatoes sort of burger.


round cutRound Cut

This cut comes from the rear leg of the cow. Round cut is also a healthier option due to its meat-to-fat ratio. Although tough to cook, it makes great burger meat. Cuts available in round cuts are top round, bottom round, and eye round.


Hanger Cut

Hanger Cut

Also known as butcher’s steak, it comes from the diaphragm area. This cut is economical and has a strong distinctive flavour. Hanger cut is also a healthier option due to its moderate meat-to-fat ratio. Its unique taste and a hint of cheesy flavour are what makes it stand out.


Short Eye Rid Cut

Short Eye Rid Cut

It comes from the meat that is attached to the rib of the cow. This cut is from front half portion and the area below the loin region. Not very expensive, short eye rib cut makes your burger delicious and succulent because of its high meat-to-fat ratio.

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