Yummy Burgers You Cannot Resist
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Yummy Burgers You Cannot Resist

There are burgers and there are Burgers. No offence to lovers of the first kind, but if you haven’t eaten the irresistible Burgers on this list, you’ve a lot to learn about the world, my friend.


The yummiest burgers are more than meat on a bun. High quality, well-seasoned and juicy beef is a must. A light crust on a springy patty is fantastic. Perfectly caramelized onions that don’t slip out of the burger when you take a bite. Melted cheese, roasted tomatoes, crispy lettuce all nestling together in a mouth-melting bun. These may be what makes a yummy burger for you. For others, it may be a thin patty, raw onion, sundried tomatoes, short rib instead of ground chuck.

Here are my picks for the yummiest burgers I find hard to resist. These are the burgers that, when you bite into them, block out the rest of the world. To keep the list manageable, I’ve only listed my choices in the US.


The Cheeseburger, Au Cheval



The Cheeseburger at Au Cheval

This rich Chicago diner’s cheeseburger is everything you want, and probably perfection itself. The beef is amazingly juicy and tender, and it’s complemented with melted cheese, thick-cut bacon and egg and veggies to you to a whole new world beyond the restaurant. You could get the double cheeseburger, but it might be not too manageable, and take away from the perfection of the single. People wait for hours to eat this and be transported.


Led Zeppelin, Kuma’s Corner



It’s not surprising that another of my favorite burgers is also in Chicago. There are varieties of creatively named burgers at Kuma’s. But one that I find quite irresistible is the Led Zeppelin, with its soft pretzel bun, sweet pulled pork, melted cheddar, a 10 ounce perfectly-cooked patty of beef, acidic pickles, and a whole bouquet of flavors that I just can’t get enough of. Try it. You’ll agree, and keep going back.


The Burger, Holman & Finch

Atlanta, Georgia


The Burger at Holman & Finch

The Holman & Finch double cheeseburger is mindblowing and famous. The succulent patties are griddled, teamed with housemade pickles and red onion, and nestled in a freshly baked and slightly sweet pan de mie bun. The bun is ideally designed with the bun-patty ratio in mind. It’s also toasted with butter on the griddle for crispy golden perfection. The house-made ketchup and mustard seals the deal for me with this burger. It started as a feature, but grew so popular that it’s now available all day at the Ponce City Market restaurant.


Bacon Cheeseburger, The Little Owl



This creation by Chef Joey Campanaro is one of my favorites in NYC, even though many newer eateries offer burgers almost – not quite – as good at this price ($18). Into the burger goes a thick patty of ground brisket and short rib that has been seasoned with a spice blend that includes curry powder. The grilled patty is topped with American cheese, under which hides crisp maple-cured and slightly smoky bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions and Guss’s pickle. The legendary bun is homemade, soft and tender, with a slightly chewy exterior. It just soaks up the burger juices as it should, while staying true to its form. The burger is rich, proportioned just right and the ideal summer treat. I’m lying. I love it in winter too.


Green Chile Cheeseburger, Santa Fe Bite

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Next is the classic Green Chile Cheeseburger. I think the best version used to be made at Bobcat Bite, on the old Las Vegas Highway. That closed down. But thankfully Santa Fe Bite appeared with the same old ginormous burgers with 10 ounce, expertly cooked boneless chuck under a blanket of green chile and snowy American cheese. The huge buns do great justice to the burger. It’s irresistible, though you probably can’t eat more than one in a single sitting. Or can you?


The Burger, The Attic

Phoenix, Arizona

The Burger at The Attic

Right at first glance you can tell that the burger at The Attic will be irresistible. The blend of flavors that mixes with the shining half pound beef patty is super addictive. There’s the sweetness of a fresh-baked pretzel bun, fresh tomato, a spring mix, chipotle mayo with a kick, bacon if you like, and cheese of your choice. I highly recommend adding the bacon, skipping the egg and choosing provolone cheese for the burger that hits the spot.


What are the burgers that you find irresistible? Share them so we can all check them out!