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Who in their right minds would spend $300 on a burger if there wasn’t something unbelievably wonderful about it, right? Well, let’s find out if that’s the case with some of the world’s most expensive burgers.


The best homemade buns. The first and best Juicy Lucy. A mammoth burger weighing as much as a newborn baby. Every burger joint is out to stand out from the rest. And sometimes, they do it really well.


  • One of the key component of burger is meat and the United States meat industry is relying on the addictive nature of burger to drive up their market. However, there is a great revolution that is sweeping through the industry. It is the growing popularity

  • Burgers, which were originally called Hamburgers, originated from Germany and were introduced to the United States in the 19th century by German immigrants who were seeking greener pastures in the ‘New World’. The first time someone referred to the piece

  • Vegan burgers in McDonald?! We asked the professionals what they think about controversial idea of the famous fast-food chain - Family of Dicks. Besides running their adult website (18+!), they are known for being expe

LatinLeche.orgLatin Leche – you have probably heard about this drink, but what if we told you there is another meaning of having a latin milk. Sounds interesting? Listen, Latin Leche is new brand that features adult-themed stories of guys cruising South America looking for hot guys, that are without cash, but with big will to earn it. Click here to check it out (adults only)

BrattyMILF.tubeBratty MILF – don’t bring MILFs into the restaurant unless you are absolutely sure they are fed and well. Bratty spoiled MILFs on the hunt for young guys is the theme of this fantasy series and restaurants are one of the best places to showcase their skills. These moms are definitely hungry and they want meat, young meat!