Impossible Burger Is A Challenge To The Meat Industry
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Impossible Burger Is A Challenge To The Meat Industry

Impossible Burger Is A Challenge To The Meat Industry

One of the key component of burger is meat and the United States meat industry is relying on the addictive nature of burger to drive up their market. However, there is a great revolution that is sweeping through the industry. It is the growing popularity of the Impossible Burger. The impossible burger was introduced into the market in 2016 and it is vegan.

The White Castle, a chain of fast-food hamburger now offer the Impossible Burger. It has become a favorite in most local bars. However, it comes with a higher price tag compared to the regular hamburger. While the impossible Burger costs $3, a regular hamburger costs only $0.50.

A technology by Impossible Foods, a company in the Bay Area, has found a way to give a gushing red color to the burger. The company also claims the product is more human and earth-friendly compared to the use of beef. The company claims the Impossible Burger makes use of 96% less land, 87% less water, has 92% lower aquatic pollutants and 89% lower greenhouse-gas-emissions. The idea is to get people who love to eat meat regularly to try meat alternatives.

Content Of The Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger is the brainchild of Brad Farmerie, an Executive Chef. However, the Impossible Burger is also not organic. It’s a lab-engineered patty. Its main content include potato proteins, wheat, heme, and coconut oil. The key to the burger’s flavor and meaty appearance is a soy-derived protein.

The latest variation or the Impossible Burger was released in January at the Consumer Electronics Showcase. Foodies across the nation has given good reviews to the Impossible Burger and much of the emphasis is on the meaty taste. Speaking about his selection as one of the first five chefs to test the Impossible Burger in 2017, Farmerie said,

“They chose chefs who were known for cooking meat. Because as they say, it’s not something that they are trying to get vegetarians hooked on.”

Source: NBC News

Any Challenge To The Beef Industry?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the beef industry rakes in as much as $95 billion every year. Americans love beef and so far there is no sign that this tradition is slowing down. In 2017, Americans consumed over twenty-six billion pounds of beef. This is an eight percent increase from the twenty-four billion pounds of 1990.

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