Best Places To Find A Top Notch Burger Around The World
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Best Places To Find A Top Notch Burger Around The World

Best Places To Find A Top Notch Burger Around The World

If you’re traveling, and your love of burgers follows you around, you’ll probably want something more  than good-old McD’s in Paris. The good news is, the rest of the world has caught on to the charm of the burger. There are some truly fantastic burgers waiting for you on your world travels. Here’s my personal list of favorites from across the US borders.

Patty & Bun, London, UK

United Kingdom


Whoever said the British only did fish n chips? Patty & Bun has several locations across the UK for a reason. They invented the Ari Gold, which may be one of the best burgers in the world for its high quality ingredients, perfect proportions and perfectly cooked offering. The perfectly cooked beef patty, gooey melted cheese, crisp lettuce, pickled onions, tomato, ketchup, smokey house mayo in a brioche bun with a crisp bacon rasher on top will have you coming back for seconds. I promise.


Lucky Chip, London, UK


Also in London, Lucky Chip offers the perfect cheeseburger. Quality ingredients and perfect cooking times are what makes this burger must-eat if you’re in London.


The Oakwood Canadian Bitro, Vancouver, Canada



The burger at this Vancouver bistro is one of the best in the city. It features bacon, aged cheddar, alfalfa,  garlic dill pickles and a tangy gulf island dressing on a perfect beef patty. Don’t miss trying it.


Fergberger, Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand


The burgers at Fergberger may just be the best in New Zealand. Prime New Zealand beef and careful chefs make these burgers that tourists and locals line up to bite into. Plus there are lots of options, from lamb to tropical flavors.


PNY Paris New York, Paris, France



It’s funny to find fast food in gourmet France, but that’s probably why you should check out the fantastic burgers at PNY. Pillowy, perfect brioche buns, perfectly textured and flavored beef, onion, cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce go into making hearty burgers like the Return of the Cowboy one of the best in Paris.


Restaurant Ritz, Sao Paolo, Brazil



If you’re ever in Sao Paolo – or go there just to try the food – step into the Restaurant Ritz in downtown. You can customize their simple burger with either cheddar or Gorgonzola cheese (I prefer cheddar), and you can top your hamburger with ketchup and mustard. You’ll find the beef is of the highest quality, and all the ingredients are incredibly fresh, and this shows in the superb flavors and textures of the burger.


Beeftro, Moscow, Russia



Moscow may probably seem like the last place you’d go to find a burger, but at this Moscow steakhouse, you’ll find excellent burgers with premium cuts of beef. A juicy, perfectly-textured Black Angus beef  patty comes together memorably with a perfect bun, shredded lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes and onion, tangy pickle and melty American cheese.


The Royale Brothers, Melbourne, Australia



The award-winning burgers of this Melbourne restaurant are known for their quality ingredients and tasty combos. Try the Classic Royal with Cheese and have them add some bacon, and you’ll see what I mean.


Authentic, Tokyo, Japan


If you’re tired of udon and ramen in Tokyo, you might want to tuck into a tender, wagyu beef burger at probably Tokyo’s best burger joint. It’s casual, not gourmet burger, but several people I know have found the burgers here to be better than some places in the US.


Mos Burger, Tokyo, Japan


For a variation on the traditional burger, if you’re in Japan, try the fun Mos rice burger. It’s unique, and quite tasty, though I probably wouldn’t go all the way to Tokyo just to taste it. Two baked rice ‘buns’ sandwich nori seaweed and “kinpira”, which is sauteed burdock, carrots, green soybeans, konnyaku, kelp, red pepper, tofu and mushrooms, for a healthy, quite flavorful Asian burger.


Hamborgarafabrikkan, Reykjavik, Iceland



If you’re vegetarian, and even if you’re not, you’ll be glad you stepped into this Reykjavik burger joint. Try the Miss Reykjavik, which is spelt buns sandwiching charcoal-grilled chicken breast, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, sun-dried tomato paste, cheese, mesquite sauce and mango sauce. The result is quite addictive.


Agadir Burgers, Tel Aviv, Israel



Since meat patties probably came out of the Middle East and East European cultures, it makes sense to see what burgers taste like in a country like Israel. If you’re at Tel Aviv, do order the Diana. The burger contains housemade wholewheat roll, aioli, tomato, spring onion, pickled lemon, a perfectly done beef and lamb patty and yet another slathering of aioli. Not your typical American burger, but refreshingly delicious if you like the tangy flavors.


These are the places I’d go again for burgers, if I were traveling. What about you? Do you have any recommendations from around the world?

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