Craving a Fat, Juicy Burger for Dinner? Ready to be Worked Off at the Gym the Next Day!
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Craving a Fat, Juicy Burger for Dinner? Ready to be Worked Off at the Gym the Next Day!

Craving a Fat, Juicy Burger for Dinner? Ready to be Worked Off at the Gym the Next Day!

I know. You’re trying to stay trim for summer, eating cherry tomatoes and turkey for lunch. And then you see that dissection shot of a juicy lucy on Youtube or the blog you visit sometimes to satisfy your comfort food cravings. And it’s just a call or a short drive away.

You can totally see yourself biting into that fat, soft, melt-in-the-mouth-on-top-of-crispy stack of explosive flavors and textures. That’s the ideal burger, as some of the best burger joints in America make it.

But restaurants won’t take responsibility for your waistline. (or will they, after the menu-labeling law)

The truth is, if you eat healthy on a regular basis, there’s no reason on earth why anyone and your conscience could stop you from eating a fat, juicy burger for dinner once in a while.

Simply work it off at the gym the next day!


One Fat, Juicy Burger to Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with a juicy burger.

There’s a lot of scare about America’s obesity epidemic. I won’t deny it’s a reality. But obesity is usually for people who haven’t cooked or eaten a healthy meal in their lives. They may binge eat on burgers, and honestly, even too much of tofu and spinach are bad for you. Or there may be some other underlying food addiction at play.

I’m not trying to say hamburgers are the healthiest food on the planet. They’re not, in their traditional form: that is, thick meat patty fried in rendered fat, slathered with mayo and put in a refined-flour bun.

But I’d say – and many will agree with me – they are less evil than Southern fried chicken or gluten-free pizza. Plus, you can get your hamburger flame-broiled or grilled instead of fried, have it fried in olive oil, or char-grilled, as they often do in New England. Or you could do away with fatty meat altogether and try a fantastic no-meat invention that you really wouldn’t believe is vegetarian if I didn’t tell you.

Let’s take a look at the calories and other evils in a burger that apparently makes it the outcast of the food pyramid.

According to the USDA, a regular, plain double patty hamburger contains 354 calories.

A 150 lbs hamburger lover could lose that much by walking at 2 mph for an hour on a 10 percent incline on the treadmill. Easy, right?

I believe a part of the concern about hamburgers is the sugar-laden soda and fries that usually go along with it. Why miss out on the chance to dig into a mouth-melting slider or full-size double cheeseburger because you just can’t control yourself from reaching for the sugary soda?

Some experts believe that the protein in a hamburger can actually keep you full longer and help you shed more weight, not put it on.

You Can Enjoy Burgers on a Diet!

Load up on rabbit food.

Stress can make you overweight. If you love burgers, then it’s better to treat yourself sometimes rather than suffer from the stress of denying yourself. You can eat a burger or two even on a diet. It’s true.

All you really need is a little willpower – and you probably have plenty of that since you’re on a diet in the first place.

And you should choose your burgers right. Here are my tips:

  • Pick leaner cuts of beef, like sirloin, or skip the red meat and get a chicken or turkey burger. They’re not the same, but when done right, they can satisfy your craving or even get you hooked to them.
  • Pick a wholegrain bun. You can even skip the bun and just enjoy the hamburger. A good, moist hamburger is fantastic on its own. Or you could get the lettuce wraps that many restaurants serve (though I’d say a good soft yet crisp bun is one of the highlights of a perfect burger).
  • Load up on rabbit food – that is the raw veggies that go in with the meat. Also, go easy on the sauces and cheese. The veggies will add fiber and cutting the sauces will reduce fats and calories.
  • I’d say, skip the fries. But if you can’t give up the combination of fries with your hamburger, get a small one and share it. Or order a fruit salad in its place. You’ll feel better about the burger.

Armed with these tips and a good appetite, are you ready to discover some of the best burgers in America and the world?

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